In that time has::
  1. Allowed me read and know about people near and far
    We share responses to recent shocking, sad, and inspiring events
  2. Allowed me to read about the good things people share
    Their joys, their babies, their elders, their pets.
  3. Allowed me to understand and read about
    The sadness and despair people seek to vanquish
  4. Which in turn,
  5. Helps me open up and share more about things
    Something that always has been hard to do.
  6. Helps me organize and publish lists about my family and me
    These have helped me improve my writing, editing, and organizing skills
  7. Helps me contextualize my father's photography and my parent's and families' stories.
    While accepting being an adult orphan.
  8. Helps the writting geek in me find true meaning in the rhetorical concept of situatedness
    By reading answers and stories written by others using the same listing prompts
  9. In the end, two months on has
  10. Let me be me while learning about what lets you be you.
    All in a safe and nurturing environment
  11. Thank you!
  12. Note: images processed with Waterlogue and Paper by 53, as well as a now deleted app whose name escapes me.