UPDATE: 10/1, 6/19. Animals that have chilled in my yard (or over the wall in the arroyo) +1

Inspired by @le_d
  1. Baby fox! With parent most likely nearby.
    Sunday around 1:50 AM, i turned the sprinklers on because of the high temps Saturday. At 2:50, MJ spotted the water puddling in the courtyard off the bedroom and turned on the light. That's when he thought he saw a squirrel drinking the puddle water. It was, in fact, a baby fox. We think the mom left him/her there for the water while she hunted for food. I shot some fuzzy pictures, then turned off the light, and cycled the sprinklers again.
  2. A large skunk who routinely aerates the yard in the middle of the night while looking for grubs.
    For a while, we've had a skunk family that shelters in our garage on freezing winter nights. One night about 2 a.m., i spied the paterfamilias in the rain, bumping around in the back courtyard, looking for a way out to find more bugs.
  3. Finally, on October 1, I captured the dad who was snacking on 🌻 seeds tonight.
  4. This fawn that his parents left to chill under our tree and next to the bedroom window.
  5. Many migrating birds including Stellar's and Scrub Blue Jays
  6. A pair of Great Horned Owls that like to roost in our Chinese elm or pine trees.
    Have heard them and collected a naturally shed feather, but have yet to capture them in a decent image. Updated. Originally stated Barn Owl.
  7. Pyrrhuloxia aka Desert Cardinal
    Arrived this spring and has now departed
  8. More deer. They dine on the buffet of native plants we've let grow tall.
    The herd numbers about six, which some have seen entering our arroyo. We usually see two or three at the most.
  9. Buddy, one hot afternoon not long after he came to live with us.