Sometimes I really wonder what the hell my mind is thinking.
  1. I should move to Alaska.
  2. My friend has an extra bedroom there. Why the hell not?
  3. But I just moved to NYC for an amazing job.
  4. But Alaska sure is pretty.
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  5. I could never handle 20 hours of darkness. On the other hand, 20 hours of light sure is awesome.
  6. It's not like I haven't been there. It is a pretty sweet state.
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  7. Thinking about the fresh salmon is making my mouth water.
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  8. What kind of job would I have in Alaska?
  9. Ummm, why am I actually looking up jobs in Alaska right now? This is ridiculous.
  10. It really would take forever to drive to Alaska (again).
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  11. Like a really long time.
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  12. Wow! That trip was awesome though.
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  13. I'd need an SUV if I moved to AK.
  14. And I'd need to winterize it for -50° weather. ❄️
  15. I wonder if people would visit me there. (They sure haven't visited me in NYC.)
  16. They pay you to live in Alaska though, right? I wonder how long you have to be a resident before they pay you?
  17. There's so many shows about Alaska on TV these days. Maybe I could be on one?
  18. Nah, I don't wanna live in the bush or be a state trooper.
  19. Okay I need to turn the TV off now, my imagination is running wild.
    Wild for Alaska that is! 🏔