1. Why is it so packed right now? Don't these people have jobs?
  2. Oh wait, they're probably on the way to their job just like me.
  3. Yes, a seat opened up.
  4. Should probably let that older lady sit there instead.
  5. Okay, I'll keep standing then.
  6. Can't believe that asshole just took that lady's seat.
  7. Her loss, she should've moved faster.
  8. She's old, never mind she can't do that anymore.
  9. Who smells?
  10. I think I'm going to move. I can't stand that smell.
  11. Crazy lady with trash bags full of plastic bottles just got on, guess I'm not moving down that way.
  12. Fine I'll just stand here. But I'm not touching the pole. So many germs!
  13. The train's stopping. Shit I'm gonna fall.
  14. Guess I'll grab onto the pole to prevent myself from falling then.
  15. Do I have Germ-X with me?
  16. Why is this person singing now?
  17. Just gonna put me head down and ignore them.
  18. Finally. I can get off now.
  19. Hope it's not raining outside. That would suck.