5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

This list shows up on Mindy's and Stephen's Lists, so I shall follow suite..
  1. My bed (this morning)
    I'm 5'2 w/ a queen bed. After sleeping in the center for so long, I've realized it has been starting to droop and form a pocket. Maybe it's a sign I should find a bed partner or find a better mattress... In the meantime, I've been trying to confine my body to one side of the bed.
  2. (Ballerina) Crossing
    Found this delightful sign when I was walking around my B&B's neighborhood in Belize. What does it mean? Are there ballerinas/dancers ready to sashay down the street? Can I??
  3. 🏀
    When I sat 2 rows from courtside at a Clips (👎🏽) v Raptors game. I could count the beads of sweat on the players.
  4. "I designed that shirt!"
    A man approached me at Disneyland claiming he designed my Darth Mickey shirt & insisted he take a photo for his portfolio. I look tense.. Look at my body language lol.
  5. 🌼
    I believe this is when I first moved into my apartment. I used to be realllly good @ keeping fresh flowers around. Then realized it's expensive. Boo.