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Ongoing soundtrack for my upcoming Space Disco
  1. Clio - Faces
  2. MNEK - More Than A Miracle
  3. Donna Summer - Last Dance
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Missy Elliott is better than your favorite visionary.
  1. The Fifth Element
    The Fifth Element was good but imagine if Missy Elliott scored it and had some say over outfit choices. It's also trash that Luc hasn't cast Missy as a lead in his movies yet
  2. Batman & Robin
    The Bat Single dances on the air
  3. Blade Runner
    Roy Betty's final speech: "when the rain hits my window, I take and (inhale, cough me some indo)"
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  1. 1) Hotline Bling (Drake)
    I wasn't expecting the Hotline to bling like it did but there's no denying the the many 6 second sequels it spawned.
  2. 2) Blackhat
    I want Michael Mann to direct my sex tape.
  3. 3) Mad Max Fury Road
    What a lovely day. Young Thug should have been in this and hummed Good Times during a chase.
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I haven't watched all these movies but I don't care about the plot
  1. 1.
    White Men Can't Jump
    Look at that snapback and tank top iconic combination. AND HE HAS MULTIPLE VERSIONS
  2. 2.
    Blade (all of them)
    Usually too many pockets is a bad look but not if they're useful in saving the world. Strong health goth looks
  3. 3.
    Demolition Man
    The most famous overalls in film. The future is good.
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