1. 1) Hotline Bling (Drake)
    I wasn't expecting the Hotline to bling like it did but there's no denying the the many 6 second sequels it spawned.
  2. 2) Blackhat
    I want Michael Mann to direct my sex tape.
  3. 3) Mad Max Fury Road
    What a lovely day. Young Thug should have been in this and hummed Good Times during a chase.
  4. 4) Girlhood
    Shined bright like a diamond. More important than Boyhood.
  5. 5) This episode of BoJack Horseman
    Tweet like BoJack and live like Mr. Peanutbutter
  6. 9) Fast 7
  7. 971) Lost River
    I probably won't watch 971 movies this year but I bet they're all better than this movie. The Chromatics still have bangers though
  8. 1a) Miley, What's Good
    This is out of order and it's actually number 1a because I can't figure out how to add in between lists. But Miley, what's good? Lost River still sucks.