I haven't watched all these movies but I don't care about the plot
  1. White Men Can't Jump
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    Look at that snapback and tank top iconic combination. AND HE HAS MULTIPLE VERSIONS
  2. Blade (all of them)
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    Usually too many pockets is a bad look but not if they're useful in saving the world. Strong health goth looks
  3. Demolition Man
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    The most famous overalls in film. The future is good.
  4. New Jack City
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    You rise in the ranks by being the best dressed
  5. The Fan/Major League
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    I believed he could be a baseball player
  6. Unstoppable
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    Good jackets in this one. Would rock
  7. The Art of War
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    Hard to fight in a tux
  8. One Night Stand
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    Convincing dad looks
  9. Mo Betta Blues
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    Autocorrect kept correct Mo to No
  10. Boiling Point
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    Tactical Turtle neck
  11. Brooklyn's Finest
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    Post taxes
  12. Don't remember the movie name
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    Did it better in New Jack City
  13. Jungle Fever
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    Dressed like a cop
  14. King of New York
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    Dressed like a 80s cop