Random thoughts about my grandpa who passed away today

  1. My favorite memories with my grandpa are from his summer home in South Haven, Michigan at this amazing restored White House with a wrap around porch and we played on the beach all day and picked blueberries and it was seriously my favorite place.
  2. They actually sold that beautifully restored 6 bedroom house and the new owners demoed the house and built a massive 10 bedroom mansion which makes me really sad.
  3. My grandpa helped me build ikea furniture in my first apartment two years ago when I moved to downtown Chicago. Yes he was an 85 year old carpenter and helped me put together ikea furniture which is really really nice of him. And he brought me this card and a beautiful cashmere blanket and a fully stocked toolbox.
  4. He was incredibly talented with watercolors (see above) and I think I want to try it and see if I like it.
  5. I have heard that my mom was his favorite child and I think I believe that. My mom loved him more than anything in the world. I think I get my intense love for my dad from her.
  6. I did not see this but I know my grandpa loved my dad a ton, even after my parents separated and I thank him for that.
  7. I am incredibly thankful he helped my mother pay for my college so I could attend my first choice which was out of state and not possible for my family to afford without his help.
    This is us at my high school graduation.
  8. He left behind 4 kids, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild and that's pretty amazing when you think about it.
  9. He wasn't a warm and fuzzy man and didn't take a particularly active role in my life but I know he did care about me and he was an incredible human being.