1. Denzel Walter Chalk
    Denzel was a cat I found on the new river as a kitten. I brought him from North Carolina where I cared for him as. A kitten in hopes that someone else would take him back to my home at the time NYC. Best cat ever
  2. Guinevere
    From the shelter. A white cat who used to rub her privates on me and didn't like anyone else but me.
  3. Fat Max
    From the same shelter on the same day as Gwinny. He fought so much and cried so much when we got him at the shelter that his vocal chords never righted themselves. Hated to be held down. Hated his nails cut. So snuggle time left bruising.
  4. A lizard
  5. A hamster
  6. Felecia
    A sweet cat in middle school. She had kittens. One got beat up by the neighbors dogs. I stopped talking to the neighbors
  7. Venus
    First pet I remember . Black dog. Mostly outdoors before my mother realized that's pretty mean
  8. Midnight
    I've only heard legends of this tiny white poodle