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I work at a nursing home, so some of these things are normal. Some are not.
  1. A female US Air Force Lieutenant gave a pin and a certificate to a female resident who was a pilot during WWII. It was pretty awesome. The chaplain introduced himself to the resident, and she responded "Who the hell cares?", which was also awesome.
  2. I discovered that the gross scum in the fish tank that I thought was leftover food was actually murdered fish remnants. There are two fish left now.
  3. I broke up an old lady fist fight
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  1. Adventure Time, Cartoon Network
    If you think this is a cartoon strictly for kids, you are sadly mistaken (and missing out). It's a post-apocalyptic show that's equal parts poignance, life lessons, surrealism, and fart jokes. Its weirdness thinly veils some very powerful themes like loyalty, loss, belief in oneself, and what happens when parents let us down. I think Adventure Time's creators knew parents would be secretly watching over their kids' shoulders.
  2. Gravity Falls, Disney Channel
    Another one that's not strictly for kids. Weird, supernatural stuff happening in a small, Pacific Northwestern town where there are secrets 'round every corner. It's not quite Twin Peaks, but the connections shouldn't be ignored. Kristen Schaal lends her voice to this show that's 50% supernatural/mythical occurrences, 49% silliness, 1% conspiracy theories. Also there's a hidden message in the end credits of each episode. Like an actual cryptogram. Yeah.
  3. Bob's Burgers, Fox
    It's no secret that Bob's Burgers is hilarious, and definitely NOT for kids. Kristen Schaal stars in this one too, because she pretty much can do no wrong. Bob's Burgers is The Simpsons for millennials; funny, fresh, and quick-witted. TIP: pay attention to names of businesses surrounding the restaurant. They're always some hilarious play on words, like a flower shop called Petalphelia.
  4. Bojack Horseman, Netflix
    The least kid-friendly cartoon on the list, as in No Kids Allowed. It's super dark humor that occasionally borders on depressing, but the weird anthropomorphic universe where animals act like humans (and exist along side them) but maintain some of their animalistic qualities is pretty genius.
  1. This picture
    Still pookies ❤️
  2. "bored out of her mind!!!! someone save her!!!"
    I was not super into using capital letters apparently
  3. "chillin"
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An ongoing list
  1. 11/16/15 I've been wearing my underwear inside out all day.
  2. 11/17/15 I have no idea where my giant memory card and card reader are (I'm hoping they're together...)
  3. 11/18/15 I forgot my toothbrush and toothpaste at home. I'm dog sitting for the next week...
  4. 11/21/15 I'm not going to finish the baby blanket I promised to crochet for my pregnant friend that I still haven't started
  1. Vanilla
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Old books
6 more...
  1. "This couch is my nemesis and must be destroyed"
  2. "The water in the toilet tastes WAY better than the water in my bowl"
  3. "This hair tie is my nemesis and must be destroyed"
9 more...
  1. Heights
  2. Spiders
  3. Losing my mom
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These people exist and they are awful.
  1. Donald Trump
  2. People who talk loudly while you are trying to sleep
  3. People who cut in line
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  1. 1.
    my Ginger bear ❤️
    If you don't have a dog, I highly recommend one
  2. 2.
    Two winners from OkCupid
  3. 3.
    My nephew Caleb, helping his grandpa do some yard work last year
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I've done extensive research on this subject (i.e. I've been internet dating for 9000 years and have read about 50,000 profiles)
  1. "I'm easy going"
    Not to be confused with "I'm easy"
  2. "I love to travel"
    99% of the time, they DON'T mean backpacking-through-South America traveling. (DISCLAIMER: I have this on my profile. Does that make me a basic bitch? Probably. I accept.)
  3. "First thing people notice about me: my eyes"
    "Well, really, my extra eye. It's where my nose should be"
  4. "I'm not like most girls"