Things you will read on literally every single profile ever.
  1. "I'm down to earth"
    Are you a gardener? An astronaut who just returned from a year-long mission to the moon?
  2. "Laid back"
    "I'm sitting in a reclining chair as I write this"
  3. "Looking for my partner in crime"
    I can't be your getaway driver for the jewel heist; my car overheats really easily
  4. "I'm tired of the drama"
    "I'm trying to do more comedies now. I don't want to typecast myself."
  5. "I have an athletic build"
    "I played soccer in middle school"
  6. "Looking for an athletic girl"
    "The more muscles the better. In fact, I'd really prefer if you played pro football. There's just something about grass-stained shoulder pads...."
  7. "Something I'm good at: sex lol"
    "I'm literally a virgin"