1. Someone really fucked up on fact-checking the state's timeline.
  2. Adnon and Jay weren't the only ones smoking pot that day. Everyone was blazing that shit up cause no one can put two and two together.
  3. Asia Malone, writer of supposed alibi, should be suspect número uno. She seems a bit too genuine for all of this.
  4. Why was there a whole episode dedicated to that drunkard Mr. S? Let the guy streak in peace.
  5. The case against Adnon is blatantly racist. The guy seems like a normal American teenager who happens to be Muslim.
  6. Why is it called serial? Cause there's a minuscule chance that a serial killer did it? That would basically mean that Jay's story is a cover up for the serial killer... No.
  7. Sorry, Jay got 0 jail time for aiding and abetting first degree murder?
  8. After all of that investigating...Adnon probably did it 😕
  9. What kind of a defense attorney squawks at witnesses on the stand?