Extremely hard list to make considering I've been a huge video game fan boy!
  1. 20.
    Mlb Baseball 2005
    Older brother got me into this game and it was so much fun! The mini games within this game were a blast!
  2. 19.
    NFL Street 2
    In my opinion this was the GOAT of the original Xbox!
  3. 18.
    Jak and Dexter
    My stepdad and I would play this game for hours! Love it
  4. 17.
    Dave Mirra BMX 2
    This was the BMX version of a Tony Hawk game and I loved it! RIP Dave Mirra
  5. 16.
    MX vs ATV unleashed
    Loved the whole series but this one opened up my eyes! You could also drive monster trucks!
  6. 15.
    This game was amazing! You had to be a stuntman in a bunch of different movies! You could build your own stadium as well! Awesome
  7. 14.
    Rocket League
    This just came out for the Xbox one and it's awesome! It's soccer but with a giant ball and RC cars! Makes me feel like a child again and I love it!
  8. 13.
    First driving game that I remember that was sort of open world! So much fun but such terrible graphics!
  9. 12.
    Madden 2008
    Loved almost all the maddens but this one seemed to stick out to me. More customizable!
  10. 11.
    NBA Live 2005
    This was the NBA game that was out when first starting liking basketball! I would stay up for hours trying to win a dunk contest! Still never have, the computer is the GOAT
  11. 10.
    Need For Speed Underground
    Just loved this game!
  12. 9.
    Ready 2 Rumble
    To me this was the greatest dream cast game of all time!
  13. 8.
    GTA Vice city
    Young kid playing an adult video game, what more can I say!?
  14. 7.
    Halo 3
    This was the first game I got when I had my Xbox 360. The first FPS I owned! Amazing
  15. 6.
    Tony Hawks pro skater 4
    Not sure why this is my favorite tony hawk but it stands out to me, maybe it was the skaters or maybe the story! Tony hawk games were awesome!
  16. 5.
    Farcry 3
    Didn't think I would enjoy this game as much as a did but my brother and I would get home everyday and play this game until we went to bad, it was so addicting!
  17. 4.
    Being a skateboarder for many years it was nice to finally have a skating game that was realistic and this is was skate was!
  18. 3.
    Mario Kart 64
    No comment needed
  19. 2.
    Literally the only game I've been playing for the last year and a half! It's call of duty meets halo with space magic!
  20. 1.
    Call of Duty MW2
    This was the game that I really started to realize gaming was a hobby for me. And I got crazy good at this game and have competed in tournaments! To me it's the best game of all time! I would pay 100 dollars to have them remaster the game for current consoles!