And whether or not they did.
  1. My sister will get her feelings hurt and cry within the first hour.
    Less than 15 minutes after arriving at the airport. Impressive.
  2. My stepdad will get annoyed with one of us.
    My sister won this round.
  3. My mom will use the restroom multiple times.
    She's blaming the coffee.
  4. I will try to read and no one will let me.
    "What are you reading?" -_-
  5. My mom will point out an older person doing something funny.
    There's an old man with some cards that look will worn. Not sure what kind of cards though...
  6. Someone will either give me (or my mom) a dirty look or a creepy man will check one of us out.
    We got both, lucky us.
  7. We'll talk animatedly for the first hour and a half and then ignore each other until we board.
    I stand corrected. We have spoken more than usual.
  8. My stepdad will overly prepare us and keep checking to make sure we have our passports.
    Yes we have them. No we haven't moved from these seats. Except for the bathroom queen.
  9. Someone will befriend my mom, whether she likes it or not.
    This happened not long after we sat down. Nice older gent. His wife came back and he stopped talking to my mother. Hahaha
  10. They will mention boarding and my parents will get excited and edgy.
    They usually herd is toward the gate. They've mentioned our flight but we are still sitting. Another impressive moment