1. Do not, I repeat, do NOT let me go into Sephora in Mac unless I have explicitly detailed an item that I am on the hunt for.
    I am never "just looking" and you're foolish of you believe me.
  2. If I'm asking for your opinion, please give it to me. I'm indecisive about clothing as is. Don't make it harder for us.
  3. I'm always hungry. Steer me away from the food court. I'll spend quite a bit of time there.
  4. I'm not allowed in the Disney store. Same rules apply as the make up stores.
  5. Prepare yourself for at least an hour in any given bookstore. I have no concept of time in those.
  6. I have a parking friend who helps me.
    Don't judge me. Little Man always works. Always.
  7. I'll make you go into stores and almost never buy anything.
    I'm an indecisive shopper.
  8. I like to buy purses. Unless I tell you a few times before we go that I need a new bag, I don't need it.
    No matter how much I convince myself I do, I don't. Don't let me buy it.
  9. Prepare to have a grand time.
    You're going with me. Enough said.