1. This isn't so bad!
    The ride is smoother with that new chain I got and the new tires and tubes. Sweeeeet.
  2. Oh. Oh god. It's uphill.
    Who gave you permission, Sepulveda? Not I.
  3. I can do this!
  4. I can't do this...
    I got off and walked my bike by this point.
  5. Oh downhill!
  6. Wait. No. Get out of my way heifer!
    When people inevitably walk into your smooth downhill path and cause you to lose that momentum you worked so hard to gather.
  7. Almost home...don't puke.
    Having a smoothie right before biking was not my smartest idea. The milk and fruit tried to mutiny. I didn't appreciate that.
  8. Finally home!
    Almost six miles and just under an hour later I collapsed happily into my bed and too a much deserved, well earned nap.