1. Everyone is afraid of commitment.
    "I'm just not in a good place right now," says the guy who hasn't been in a relationship since 2011. Okay, booboo. You do you.
  2. There is not "dating" anymore. Just hanging out.
    What happened to the good ol' fashioned pick you up and walk you to the door? Maybe a kiss if you're lucky.
  3. And hooking up.
    Three words: Netflix and chill.
  4. Too many games.
    Say what you mean and mean what you say. I can't handle these kind games. I certainly do not have the time for it.
  5. Everyone tries to appear to not care.
    Because caring is uncool.
  6. And if you do care, you're rejected.
    It is grounds for ending your budding non-relationship because caring leads to commitment.
  7. You get the vague, bare minimum effort.
    After 10pm. Sometimes in public. Not on Tuesday's.
  8. Texting becomes the primary form of communication.
    If he doesn't answer, he's just busy. Bottom line: people MAKE time for you, whether they have it to spare or not.
  9. Pets always love you.
    Screw dating. Get a pet.