1. The Lovely Bones
    Weirdly one of my favorite movies... It creeps me out how good of an actor Stanley Tucci is
  2. Disturbia
    I think this is because it's a cool remake of rear window and Shia LaBeouf was really hot in 2007
  3. Princess Diaries
    Sea otter backpacks, Anne Hathaway and so many good one-liners
  4. Princess Diaries 2
  5. Legally Blonde
    Because sometimes I need to relax with a movie after talking Cameron Diaz out of a truly heinous angora sweater at Fred Segal
  6. Mean Girls
    Cause it's just like, the rules of feminism
  7. Any female driven comedy from 1998-2008 really
  8. The Devil Wears Prada
    For the "cerulean" slay of the century alone
  9. Any animated Disney movie. I don't care what it is.
  10. National Treasure
    I'd like to think this could happen irl
  11. Hocus Pocus
    Regardless of what time of year
  12. Titanic
    My own personal 3-hour catharsis
  13. One Direction: This is Us
    Sometimes the movie channels bless me with this film and I accept it
  14. Any John Hughes film
    I relate to Samantha Baker on a personal level
  15. The Dark Knight
    I'm not sure why because I'm not that into Batman
  16. Harry Potter series
    Any of them singularly, all of them in weekend marathon form, don't care. Sprinkle some magic up in this bitch leggo
  17. Lord of the Rings series
    Don't make me choose between this and Harry Potter
  18. More as I think of them 🙃