Will these be accomplished? Who knows.
  1. Become a runner
    But not like a Luke's Locker, North Face commercial, training for a marathon type of runner. Just like, a person who can run a mile and not be dying type of runner.
  2. Maybe not cry so much?
    I experience catharsis like, twice weekly. It's getting excessive.
  3. Eat better
    Y'know, like getting veggie pizza instead of meat lovers. Or drinking real water instead of La Croix. Baby steps.
  4. Start journaling
    Because I'm narcissistic and like to reread my writing and I got a cool notebook on sale at Home Goods
  5. Drink more water
    But is it really worth all of the peeing?
  6. I'd say more as I think of them, but I think the existing list is getting ahead of myself.