Hungry for Change Challenge Week 1

After watching the documentary Hungry for Change, I have been inspired to change my diet. Specifically, lowering my sugar intake. Every week, I am substituting one item of food for another. I will attempt to document these changes here.
  1. Clif Bars to KIND Bars 5/8/16
    Cliff Bar: C- KIND Bar: B-
  2. Clif Bar
    I originally thought these were healthy. The image of the man hiking on the package. I ate one of these every work day for two years.
  3. KIND Bar
    Though it still contains sugar, these are naturally occurring. Also, I found them more delicious.
  4. 5/14/16 Thoughts
    Easy enough change. Missed the processed bars a bit on Monday, but by Thursday it was no big deal. At some point I want to replace KIND bars with this alternative.