My sugar reduction challenge continues. This week the more painful Happy Cow Fruit Yogurt goes on the chopping block.
  1. Brown Cow Fruit Yogurt to Brown Cow Plain Yogurt with fruit 5/15/16
    This week's challenge was fraught with fear. Last week eliminating the highly processed Clif bars was really no big deal, but anyone who knows me is aware I ❤️ fruit bottom yogurt as much as apple bottom jeans.
  2. Brown Cow Fruit Yogurt: B-
    Seems like a pretty good grade, especially since last week I traded C- bars for B- bars, but the point is to get rid of as much processed sugar as possible. RIP my sweet yogurt.
  3. Brown Cow Plain Yogurt: A-
    High in saturated fat, but none of that processed sugar. Almost top of the range here.
  4. Took me three days to like it.
    Did not enjoy this for the first three days. I longed for the sugary deliciousness of the fruit bottom. I even swirled it around imagining it was there.