Hungry for Change Challenge Week 3

Notes on eliminating sugar, processed foods, and meats. Last week was hard. I got really sick, had headaches, and had donut dreams. However, today, I can't remember a time I have felt better.
  1. Sandwich meat to portobello mushrooms and bell peppers.
  2. Trader Joe's Deli Meat: B-
    Though much better than average and even the best product in its category, this product contains Xanthan Gum which is made by fermenting corn sugar. I'm also in the process of eliminating meat so my delicious sandwich meat is the next item to go.
  3. Portobello mushrooms and Peppers: A
    Both the mushrooms and peppers get an A grade because well they are veggies. I've roasted them in my oven and am ready to prep my sandwiches for the week.
  4. Extra Prep - no big deal
    Though this change takes extra prep, I've found that since I have extra energy it's almost no big deal. I'm enjoying being in the kitchen again. For so long having to prep food or make dinner has been a burden because I've been exhausted, but by paying attention to the food I'm putting in my body I feel like a million bucks.