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By the end of this it turned into being only about one person
  1. Today was my first day off in a V V V long time
  2. I can't sleep
    But I am exhausted
  3. Found out 3 boys from work want to date me
    But I am interested in none of them
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First day back in Boston
  1. Getting 3 hours of sleep on the plane
    Swift flight but so tired
  2. Unpacking all of my clothes
    Is just always horrible
  3. Having to go grocery shopping
    I will be eating sandwiches for the next four months
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Went to The Broad again today and heard (sorry 4 eavesdropping) these gems!!!!
  1. "Why is this sheep in water?"
    Good q
  2. "I smoked three joints but Tim kept asking me if I wanted to watch kill bill"
    Wasn't a fan of this girl
  3. "Why isn't my toilet gold?"
    I don't know sir... :///
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Per @maggieannre's request!!! Having trouble thinking of more for some reason. suggest more places!!
  1. Alta
    Classic. Lived there in high school and love going back. Anything is fab there. love the carrot cake.
  2. Gypsy Den
    Three convenient locations and been going there 5ever. Try their pirate chai!!!
  3. A La Minute
    THE BEST ICE CREAM IN THE WORLD. I hate caramel and I LIVE for their salted caramel ice cream!!!!
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Per @maggieannre's request
  1. A wall tapestry !!!
    I've been wanting one for a while....Something blue and relaxing~
  2. A small everyday necklace
    Mine broke and I'm p salty about it
  3. Some nice art pens
    I've been wanting to push myself to sketch... I always give up because it's never perfect on the first try but that's dumb because it's not going to be!!!!
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  1. Not really sure how I got engaged ?
    It was like I just knew that I was getting married
  2. My quince dress
    Was my wedding dress?????
  3. I have absolutely no idea who this man was
    Unrecognizable but v attractive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  1. Is so powerful
    The connections people have are amazing
  2. Strengthens relationships
    We're all human and like to be reminded that other people are also human
  3. Tell them why you thought about them
    it's sweet to know that the other person still remembers that one time you drunkenly belted that song together
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When u buy 12 u get 1 free. WHAT A DEAL AMIRITE?!? (It's not a deal why do I spend my money like this)
  1. Is
  2. So
  3. Exciting
    I earned it
  4. And also very embarrassing
    Because why do I buy so much Starbucks
  1. Driving on the 55
    Tryna get to IHOP
  2. Go towards John Wayne!
    Because IHOP is on MacArthur !!
  3. Oops MacArthur exit is different than John Wayne exit
    Add 2 minutes oh well
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Just watched the Revenant with @DreaNayeli and holy moly (had NO idea what this movie was about going into it!!! Haha!!!)
  1. Really good first date movie
    I'm lying
  2. First five minutes happened and I had a perma dropped jaw
    You are THROWN into the deep end
  3. The transitions were really beautifully done
    Almost spiritual (actually though. it makes sense if you watch it)
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