Just watched the Revenant with @DreaNayeli and holy moly (had NO idea what this movie was about going into it!!! Haha!!!)
  1. Really good first date movie
    I'm lying
  2. First five minutes happened and I had a perma dropped jaw
    You are THROWN into the deep end
  3. The transitions were really beautifully done
    Almost spiritual (actually though. it makes sense if you watch it)
  4. The score was wow
    Gave me a lot of feelings
  5. The villain is unbelievable
  6. Made me think about the will to live
    And how so many things can motivate you: love, hate, revenge
  7. Made me think about revenge as a whole
    really good message about this folks
  8. I had a constant knot in my throat
    Cried about 4 times, sobbed only once
  9. Leo said so little
    But I felt so much
    This movie was A LOT but honestly so good like wow
  11. p.s. This list doesn't even kind of cover the emotional rollercoaster
    Like damn.