By the end of this it turned into being only about one person
  1. Today was my first day off in a V V V long time
  2. I can't sleep
    But I am exhausted
  3. Found out 3 boys from work want to date me
    But I am interested in none of them
  4. I want to date 2 other boys from work
    But I have no idea how they feel about me
  5. Pretty sure I ate bad cheese yesterday
    And my stomach hates me
  6. I can't stop thinking about a particular boy from work
    But I just met him and have only worked two shifts with him so there's no reason for that to be a thing?
  7. I woke up thinking about him this morning
    And he texted me within five minutes of me waking up
  8. I barely know this kid
    So what's going on