Just things
  1. Be a fire-y Latina 🔥
    Mexican but so not fire-y
  2. Paint
  3. Love without fear
    @carlynkane reminded me of how real this is for me
  4. Rock climb (the real kind)
    I probably could do this but I've never really had the opportunity
  5. Apply for my dream job
    I'll get there someday
  6. Write songs
    I tried when I was younger and I cringe at those songs now.
  7. Wear tea length skirts
    I'm too short and it sucks!!!!!!!
  8. Ride a bike in Boston
    They call drivers Massholes for a reason.
  9. Be a fire-y Latina 🔥
    I'm just not spicy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯