****i am kween and don't need a man but here are some things i learned when gracing a few with my presence****
  1. Fuckbois are everywhere
    And goddammit they're relentless
  2. It's ok to hook up with someone because you're sad
    No it will not make you stop thinking about that other boy but it's still fun to smooch someone for 10 minutes. (Note: don't do this for validation. Know your worth.)
  3. Every boy you date does NOT need to be you're next boyfriend
    If you catch yourself trying to overlook something that bothers you in the first month of dating.... Just stop. There are other boys.
  4. You should be taking as much as you're giving
    It's a two way street. If he doesn't care, you shouldn't either.
  5. Timing is a bitch
    Self explanatory
  6. Take everything at face value
    Even if they're lying, this is what they want you to believe so just stop thinking about it
  7. Don't let someone's accomplishments blind you.
    Just because they're cool and inspiring doesn't take away from how shitty they treated you.
  8. Life is too short to force a relationship to work
    Just stop. You're not happy and it's not going to get better than is it right now. Just let go.
  9. Caring about someone means understanding the risk
    Things can go bad and if this person means a lot to you, you have to be cautious.
  10. Sometimes boys aren't as great as they seem
    So you get along really well and think it's going to be great! Then you realize that he only texts you past 11 and has flaked on you 4 different times!!!!! Again, FUCKBOIS BYYEEEEE
  11. Things can change really quickly
    Pay attention to the signs. If he's being a jerk out of nowhere, don't put up with it. You don't deserve it.
  12. If you have to filter yourself, they're not right for you.
    You should be able to act like a dweeb around them and feel okay about it.
  13. It doesn't matter how compatible you are with someone
    Sometimes it's just complicated
  14. Know what you need.
    What you want and what you need can be different.
  15. Boys are exhausting and it's not easy.
    Not a new thing just further supported
  16. Find someone who makes you better.
    Someone who inspires you and builds you up.