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Some old. Some new. Some blue.
  1. Red House Painters
  2. Beach House
  3. Purity Ring
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Show me yours!!! Pass it on!!!
  1. This one.
    Multicultural tole paint by Rafaela Dallapozza Kelly. RIP.
You know you're thirsty... For Fox Mulder...
  1. The 90s had simple gd waterbottles!
  2. Not 2015!
  3. Fox Mulder is sexy when he sweats!
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Tv is a good late night friend these days.
  1. Gray Gardens
    Made me love Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lang and Jackie O more than ever. And encouraged me to clean my room.
  2. Daily Show
    Trevor Noah is not disappointing. Neither his coverage of GOPs.
  3. Last Man on Earth
    Will Forte Kristen Schaal omfg. How does it keep getting better?!
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  1. Ketchup
  2. Mustard
  3. Penis
  4. Bun
  1. Snorgasm!
  2. I'd like to see what that shin bone's connected to!
  3. Don't you tell me not to have a crap attack! I'll have a crap attack anytime I want!
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  1. Is my name on a coke?
  2. Amber Tamblyn Amy schumer
  3. Amber Tamblyn David cross
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(As reported (mostly) by children who missed me when I was out of town.)
  1. And cuddles with me during my alarm snooze cycle
  2. And lays out my clothes for me
  3. And checks my homework
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  1. Only have to pack one bag
  2. No chance to lose a child
  3. Security without 4 pairs of shoes
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