(And I'm never late.)
  1. I can't be pregnant.
  2. How could I be pregnant?!
  3. We were so careful all month!
  4. Well, maybe an occasional pull-out method shouldn't be considered "careful."
  5. Why oh why didn't we use a condom EVERY time?!
  6. Maybe another baby would be lovely...
  7. I'm almost 40! I can't have another baby!!!
  8. My youngest is ELEVEN! I do NOT want to start over now!
  9. Newborns sure are glorious, though...
  10. And so was giving birth...
  11. The odds are against me now! It's not time to be pushing my luck!
  12. I wonder if it's too late to do plan B.
  13. Ugh. It is definitely time for a vasectomy!
  14. This sucks!!!!