My dad's name is Rick. Here is a reference guide for the language that he uses to communicate with me.
  1. joint
    a place. think "Popsicle joint"
  2. scoozy
    one of my many nicknames
  3. pimby
    nickname of another one of my nicknames, short for "Pimboli"
  4. baba ganoosh
    a statement of "whatever"
  5. cri-money
    sort of like "jimminy christmas"
  6. diarrhea queen
    Dairy Queen
  7. blew a tire
    when you lose a shoe
  8. backroads of taco
    the route you take when avoiding traffic to get somewhere more quickly
  9. buggin the hooey out of me
    when something's really annoying, usually in reference to his hair when it hangs too low against his ears
  10. bin-jeezy
    "Jesus Christ"
  11. dag nabbin cabin
    referring to our cabin on Mt. Baker
  12. wheres-dy bin goydi?
    Where'd you go?
  13. shmegly!
    "damn it"
  14. flip stinkly
    a nickname OR an expression meaning similar to "shmegly"
  15. Biscotti
    a name for my Italian best friend, Nicola
  16. ergo nut bag
    "there you go" or "I told you so"
  17. it's a betty crocker bake-off in here
    would you roll the window down? it's really hot
  18. Iffin der beedle dee.
    this means (somehow) "if that's what you mean"
  19. hasta louigi