😏 just meh
  1. Show up at a Zumba class and go ALL out
    I'm talkin' waving arms and stomping legs like a mad woman- if you ain't dripping sweat, out of breath, and feeling like you're gonna yak up your breakfast, you didn't go hard enough.
  2. Pick a section of Barnes & Noble and spend the day reading all the non-fiction books on the shelf
    B&N in Union Square is the best for this. They won't let you sit on the ground by the bookshelves, but there is a good space with chairs set up that they use for author events, and they'll let you sit here as long as you'd like, reliant upon there is no event happening.
  3. Fine dine on a week day
    It's been a long day at work, I'm going to find myself a good burger place and enjoy the heck out of a burger & fries date with myself.
  4. Buy random Groupons and go spend them
    An acupuncture adventure is the furthest I've made it with this one. I feel the possibilities are out there, though.
  5. Airbnb a new country with the intention of making friends with my host
    Dependent upon how friendly the host is that you end up with. Get a good one, and they might invite you to spend time with their friends, doing the things they like to do in their city.
  6. Find & explore diverse neighborhoods that most people avoid
    The outskirt neighborhoods of big cities are the best for this. I'm talking hole-in-the-wall afghan restaurants, a trip to Queens to get some Jamaican bread fruit, finding someone to teach you their native language, the possibilities are endless.
  7. Get on my bike and ride somewhere, without real direction
    Often I end up gravitating towards wherever there is water. The only problem with this one is going too far out & having no desire to make it all the way back...