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i only had a CD player and a handful of CDs so now it feels wrong to listen to anything else when diving from edmonton to vegreville
  1. let live and let ghosts - jukebox the ghost
    a fun one that i listened to on the way to ashton and it got me all excited 💕
  2. mended with gold - the rural alberta advantage
  3. beauty behind the madness - the weeknd
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just had the meeting to take me off of my old lease so i am OFFICIALLY living with my bf and i'm excited!
  1. sleeping together every night
  2. phrases like "our house" and "our room"
  3. pooling all of our fancy kitchen appliances
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  1. would turn off his read receipts when he wanted to ignore me
  2. would turn his phone off without warning when he was mad at me
  3. would turn his phone off without warning just because :)
    sometimes for days
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requested by @cat_lyn
  1. start with a washed, moisturized, sunscreened face
  2. face junk
    becca primer, kat von d foundation, urban decay naked concealer, maybelline dream lumi concealer, becca liquid highlight
  3. prime ur face (optional TBH im just extra™) and smash ur foundation into your face with a beauty blender
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  1. from ashton's snap story on my bday
    he made me vegan french toast and coffee and i was so happy
  2. a pic of me kissing lance
  3. a pic I sent to Ashton when he was in japan taken from my work bathroom
    caption: three whole pizza rolls
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inspired by the love of my life @samala
  1. i cut all my hair off two years ago and realized i was hot
  2. i haven't lost weight but i actually think my tummy rolls are charming now
  3. became vegan
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some things that my bf does that have shocked me but are just things people in healthy relationships do probably
  1. answers my texts
  2. initiates conversation
  3. makes plans with me and then actually keeps them
    and doesn't just turn his phone off and finally get back to me 8 hours after we were supposed to meet up and when I ask if he's coming says "I don't know" and then ignores me again
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