how i do my makeup

requested by @cat_lyn
  1. start with a washed, moisturized, sunscreened face
  2. face junk
    becca primer, kat von d foundation, urban decay naked concealer, maybelline dream lumi concealer, becca liquid highlight
  3. prime ur face (optional TBH im just extra™) and smash ur foundation into your face with a beauty blender
  4. conceal conceal conceal
    the maybelline one is nice n orange to cancel out dark circles
  5. highlight
  6. eye junk
    nars eyeshadow primer, tarte lights camera splashes mascara, kat von d tattoo liner, old broken tarte lash curler
  7. eyebrow junk
    anastasia brow pomade, Anastasia brow brush thingy, UD black liner (just because my pomade is too light)
  8. prime
  9. brush them brows
  10. fill them brows
    I use a pretty heavy hand on the tail, arches, and middle of my brows, then wipe the excess off my brush to create a gradient
  11. like so!!
    also dabbed some liner on my brush and ran it thru my arches
  12. time to do a perfect wing on one eye
  13. and fuck up the other
  14. it's ok just have makeup remover on hand
    we'll get there
  15. we made it, kids
  16. take ur liner in a vertical position and fill in any gaps between ur liner and lash line
  17. tightline ur upper lash line
    I do this after curling my lashes and applying mascara
  18. powder powder powder
    lil baby brush is for under ur eyes
  19. blush
    an eyeliner exploded on this dude
  20. apply along ur cheekbones
    don't smile!!! when your cheeks fall back down, your blush is way too low
  21. and because I'm super extra, more highlight
  22. I mostly just use moonstone and summer because I'm a pale binch
  23. go-to lip junk
    gosh cosmetics liner in nougat crisp, urban decay lipstick in naked, ysl lipstick for ~highlight~
  24. slightly overline ur lips
    drag the liner inwards to create a subtle gradient
  25. UD lipstick
  26. YSL on top
  27. and there u have it
  28. :-)