some things that my bf does that have shocked me but are just things people in healthy relationships do probably
  1. answers my texts
  2. initiates conversation
  3. makes plans with me and then actually keeps them
    and doesn't just turn his phone off and finally get back to me 8 hours after we were supposed to meet up and when I ask if he's coming says "I don't know" and then ignores me again
  4. holds my hand in public
  5. takes me on dates
  6. cooks and cleans with me
  7. listens when i speak
  8. misses me
  9. invites me over
  10. wants me to hang out with his friends and family
  11. talks about his feelings
  12. doesn't make me feel bad for spending time with my friends
  13. validates my feelings
  14. is intuitive about how im feeling and acting and checks in frequently
  15. doesn't ignore me while he goes on his phone for hours when we're in the same room even when I speak directly to him
  16. doesn't get mad at me when I'm having a panic attack
  17. doesn't threaten to kill himself when we fight
  18. idk lol watches tv with me