1. Nancy From Now On - Father John Misty
    The is the intro to a movie about how I was an SF burnout but found redemption by co-founding a dating app for feminists.
  2. Everything Is Everything - Ms. Lauryn Hill
    This is the titular song in a movie where I am really good at a sport.
  3. Strawberry Wine - Ryan Adams
    In this music video I am just walking around a strip mall holding hands with a girl in a cardigan as she balances on some sort of planter or something. Ultimately we don't work out.
  4. You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield
    This is just a video of me singing directly into the camera.
  5. Let Me Back In - Rilo Kiley
    This is the theme song of my biopic. It plays as I pull up strung out and depleted to my mom's apartment in the valley.
  6. Dreams - The Cranberries
    This plays as the credits roll in the movie I wrote and directed after Winona Ryder broke my heart in the very first publicized lesbian breakup of the 90s
  7. Elevator Operator - Courtney Barnett
    I'm either in this music video as the young man ripping off his tie OR it's the opening sequence of a movie where I quit my job in the first ten minutes to pursue my true passion which might be music but could also be archaeology.
  8. This Old Heart Of Mine - The Isley Brothers
    This is a throwback music video where I am the lead singer of the Isley Brothers and no one questions why I am a short white lesbian.
  9. King Kunta - Kendrick Lamar
    For some reason Kendrick hired me as a PA for this video and then immediately regretted it.