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  2. "How do you spell ni eve?"
  3. "Okay then, Black List is on.❤️💜"
  4. "Just pretend like your Christian and not gay if they have guns."
  5. "I can't find my email."
  6. "Don't buy that macaroni and cheese in the box! I just read it is so bad for you"
  7. "No I'm at home watching creepy real serial killer documentary. What did you do?"
  8. "Why would the Pope do that? Are you sure?"
  9. "Okay just having coffee. Going to call the center for disease control for more answers."
  10. "I put too much chile powder in my chile I read the recipe what can I do to counteract that? Brown sugar? Help? I spent too much money not to eat it."
  11. "I'm watching the voice call you after!! 💜💜💜"