1. Waking up around 10, going to my parents restaurant, staying there with my mom, dad, grandma, and uncles until they had dinner after they closed, and us taking the van home around 10.
  2. The old house we moved out of when I was 3.
    It had a second floor. I've spent the rest of my life dreaming of living in a 2+ story house.
  3. The old tables at the restaurant. The ugly red leather booths. The dirty pink table tops. The pink tablecloths. The placemats. The front shelf. The area behind the back booth with all my toys. The flowers on the old plates and bowls and spoons.
  4. Saturday's with Van.
    Cribbage, checkers, chess
  5. Get complimented for my penmanship.
  6. Thanksgiving trips to my aunts place in San Francisco.
  7. The long drive on Lincoln ave from eastern Sunset to Sunset boulevard.
  8. The long drive down Sunset Boulevard.
  9. My baby blanket.
    I held on to that for wayyyy to long.
  10. Uncle Jerry