I'm quite a clumsy person
  1. The Train Station
    This was only a few days ago. But I was running for the train, and had to run up some stairs. When I got to the top, the doors were closing and I think in despair my legs have out from under me. I was splayed across the floor in front of the packed train.... Needless to say they opened the door and let me on, so that's one way to get on a train when your late
  2. The Trek
    In Cambodia, we trekked through some hills in koh kong. They told us there would be leeches and to wear long trousers so I wore unsuitable flared linen trousers...and kept tripped over the bottoms. Also the leeches could get up the flares. In the end I ripped the trousers and was covered in blood where the leeches got me.
  3. The Drunk
    Dressed as a fireman for a friends birthday at uni. I was walking one way and then someone shouted out to me across the bar so I turned but slipped and managed to up end myself. Landing on my side, surrounded by people. The bruise was immense.
  4. The Puddle
    Again in Cambodia, it was our first day in Siem Reap and we decided to walk from our hostel to pub street. It was a really hot day. Yet as we were walking I managed to trip and fell into the only muddy puddle in Siem Reap that day. I then had to continue the walk to pub street. People really must of wondered how I got in that state?
  5. The Bike Ride
    I've never been the best of bike riders (I used to make my dad ride beside me at the age of 22) however I decided when in Hoi An in Vietnam that we would hire a bike and ride to the beach. It was awful.... The traffic was heavy and I lagged behind the others quickly. I tried to go past a junction and a truck came slowly and pushed me over whilst at the same time a taxi tried to over take ... I fell of the bike. And some poor Vietnamese man had to help me up.