1. Vet
  2. Fire woman
    After watching backdraft
  3. Basketball player
    Because of spacejam
  4. Singer/dancer
    Spice girls
  5. The worlds first female footballer in the premiership
    Because of Michael Owen... And then Steven gerrard
  6. A singer again
  7. Winner of Pop idol
  8. Runner
    Sprinter.... Probably because of the Olympics
  9. The daughter of a famous rugby coach
    Mainly so I could meet Jonny wilkinson
  10. Rapper
  11. Singer again
  12. A singer with a footballer boyfriend
  13. Sitcom writer
    So I could make a guest appearance on another sitcom. I even wrote the basis of one with a friend its call "Glenview Hospital"
  14. Sea level scientist
    Whatever that is... Mainly I wanted to be paid to go live on an island in the Pacific and measure the sea level.
  15. Aid worker
  16. Lion tamer
  17. The lion man
    As in "he's the lion man, doing all he can, to create a sanctuary and a home"
  18. A warehouse worker
    Mainly because I worked in a warehouse over the summer and liked a bit there... Genuinely considered giving up my third year at uni for this... So glad I realised it was a mistake.
  19. Aid worker
  20. Writer
  21. Aid worker
  22. Singer
  23. Writer
  24. I'm currently a mortgage specialist.