in a house
  1. Hey there little mouse
  2. Whatcha doing in there?
  3. Are you preparing some cheese?
  4. In your little mouse lair?
  5. I don't want to dampen
  6. Or ruin your fun
  7. But I have some bad news
  8. That's regarding your son
  9. T'was the biggest and strongest
  10. And bravest of all
  11. But even the bravest
  12. At times all must fall
  13. Though he fought and he scurried
  14. And conquered the land
  15. His greed was too great
  16. He did not understand
  17. That a fresh block of cheese
  18. Was no gift, t'was a trap!
  19. And his back broke with ease
  20. At the sound of a snap