An incomplete list
  1. William Sidis
    Supposedly the highest IQ of all time. Son of Tiger Jews before Tiger Moms were a thing. Could read NY Times at 2, speak 6 languages at 6. Admitted to Harvard at 9. Then retreated from all the attention. Wrote many books under many pen names (maybe some we don't know about), was exposed by The New Yorker, sued them for libel, then died of a brain aneurism. He was apparently a really nice well liked well adjusted guy. Allegedly inspired Good Will Hunting.
  2. That band I never really got into
  3. Mike Altman
    Son of Robert Altman who wrote the M*A*S*H theme, Suicide is Painless, at age 14.
  4. Early 90s competitor to CompuServe
  5. My college roommate
    She had a folder of news clippings like "10 year old girl scores perfect 800 on SAT math section" etc. Now is a math professor at Michigan, theoretically spending all her time on algebraic geometry but actually playing League of Legends and Mario Kart.
  6. Aaron Carter
    Reportedly beat Shaq 1-on-1 at age 14 in the highest scoring game of streetball of all time. h/t @NKraft
  7. Freddy Adu
    Became the youngest soccer player to be signed to an MLS contract at age 14. No one except people who watch MLS knows what happened to him after that.