1. Q: Can you count cards? A: Not really. I read that book about the card counting team and know how it works but can't do it fast enough or casually enough to pull it off in a casino.
    The closest thing to beating the house I've ever done is I wrote a computer program to pick lineups for FanDuel fantasy football and then had my neighbor from growing up place hundreds of bets each week. We made enough to pay for his honeymoon one year!
  2. Q: Do you have an opinion on bulletproof coffee? A: I almost never drink coffee but I firmly believe that butter makes everything better. Here is a photo of my family's freezer.
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    "I don't always drink coffee, but when I do I prefer bulletproof."
  3. Q: Do you think California is going to run out of water? A: I have no idea but I'm doing my part to conserve by only showering once a month (sorry @nicole) and only drinking artisan water flown in from Fiji.
  4. Q: Do you think Oswald acted alone? A: Robert Durst was 20 years old and in Dallas, TX for unclear reasons on 11/22/63.
    Just sayin'... everyone knows the Kennedys are jinxed.
  5. Q: Do you know any cool websites you think I'd like? A: Websites aren't cool any more. Everyone cool makes mobile apps. BUT, the website that you might not look at but that is very cool is Reddit. It's very hard to grok it at first but when u find the right subreddits, there's a lot of good stuff.
    In particular, check out /r/awww and other cute animal subs (corgis, sloths, etc.), and /r/showerthoughts can be funny, and ELI5 can be interesting and educational.