Partially inspired by lists by @LevNovak and @jackh
  1. In the not so distant future, everyone is so wired into the Internet, it becomes a like a 6th sense.
    Ignoring the physical world and just mainlining refined information becomes the dominant way to exist.
  2. Only very old people who are too set in their ways and prisoners who are cut off don't have it.
    Especially in maximum security prison. You're totally cut off there.
  3. There is a global event that causes the Internet to go out. Indefinitely.
    It's probably Comcast's fault.
  4. A small group of guys who are serving life sentences are suddenly extremely valuable and advantaged because they are so much more practiced at navigating this old fashioned, tangible world.
    Like Stevie Wonder with music. Etc. Etc.
  5. Not sure what happens at the end yet.