1. In Feb 2010, @ev DMs me on Twitter:
  2. "@ccheever I'm thinking about making it so you can reply to DMs even if the person who sends it to you isn't following you"
  3. (second DM bc 140 char limit) "what do u think?"
  4. So I write back.
  5. "Obviously a good idea. DO IT!"
  6. And get this error message:
  7. "You can't send a direct message to @ev because they aren't following you."
  8. I post the subtweet: "#ironic" but @ev never sees it because he's not following me.
  9. 5 years later (today) Twitter finally gets the memo.
  10. *
    The only part of this story that's true is that @ev doesn't follow me on Twitter. And oh yeah, as of today, Twitter announced you can now DM anyone.