From memory so I'm sure I left some out
  1. Terry Bradshaw
    For most of my life the only Steelers QB to ever win a Super Bowl.
  2. Joe Gilliam
    One of the first black QBs in the league. Some people say he never got a fair shake bc of his skin color. Probably also tough when your competition is a future hall of famer.
  3. Mark Malone
    Very athletic. Not much in the way of on field results.
  4. Bubby Brister
    His real name is Walter
  5. Neil O'Donnell
    Could apparently bench press 485 pounds. Didn't seem to have that string of an arm when throwing the ball though.
  6. Jim Miller
    I have no idea if this guy even played at all or why I remember him.
  7. Mike Tomczak
    Everyone liked Tomczak even though he never seemed like anything more than a competent backup.
  8. Kordell Stewart
    Such a good athlete they would use him in the slot sometimes as a WR. Hence the nickname Slash. Wish he hadn't blown that AFC championship game against the Broncos. I always liked him. Prob could have been the first openly gay NFL player but that wasn't as acceptable in the 90s as it would be now.
  9. Charlie Batch
    Great guy. Pittsburgh hometown guy. My mom knows him a little bit. Think he could be mayor one day.
  10. Tommy Maddox
    MVP of the XFL's only season. Amazing story. Washed up college QB selling cars at a dealership comes out of retirement to join XFL. Wins championships and MVP. Joins the Steelers. Wins a playoff game in a great comeback and almost another. Saw an interview with him recently and he mostly seemed pretty happy he got a chance to play in the NFL at all.
  11. Ben Roethlisberger
    He throws a really beautiful ball.