1. Wiz Khalifa - 6 December 2006
    Added a note about how he popularized but did not coin the (absurd) nickname "Pistolvania" for our home state. This was when Wiz's Wikipedia was 2 sentences long and just listed his 2 mix tapes.
  2. Darrelle Revis - 3 March 2007
    This was before Revis had been drafted into the NFL. I added a section about his high school football career, highlighting his outstanding performance in the AA state championship game where he had 3 rushing TDs, a punt return TD, and a blocked FG return TD, a reception, an interception, and completed a 39 yard pass. And then scored 30 points in a basketball game the next day. What a stud.
  3. Michael Schur - 3 November 2006
    Updated article to reflect that The Office episode "Initiation" in which he appears as Mose Schrute had aired. His Wikipedia article was 6 sentences long at this point. Then he went on to co create Parks & Recreation!