1. Jamie Costa - http://bit.ly/1DZEqSW
    I have no idea who this guy is but he is amazing. Not sure I could tell him apart from the actual people just from audio. Except his Jeff Bridges is horrible.
  2. Bradley Cooper - http://bit.ly/1CKGur1
    Sometimes a little over the top but even when so nails the spirit of everyone he does.
  3. Jimmy Fallon - http://bit.ly/1JHGCgI
    Seems like he would be the funnest guy in the world to hang out with.
  4. Kevin Spacey - http://bit.ly/1JHGDBm
    Kind of creepy. Almost too perfect and professional.
  5. Overrated: Frank Calliendo, Kevin Pollak, Tom Hiddleston, most SNL impersonators.
  6. Bill Hader
    One of the most brilliant impersonators I've seen.
    Suggested by @gabimoskowitz