The Clarks are a regional band that are insanely popular in Western Pennsylvania but not even on the radar anywhere else.
  1. Penny on the Floor
    Whenever they play this song live they have to request that audience not throw pennies at the stage because it turns out that pennies hurt.
  2. Cigarette
    It's ok to throw cigarettes at the stage when they play this one. The line about the Fayette County Fair is so Western, PA boonies.
  3. Better Off Without You
    A vey straight up sentiment. A classic breakup but it's obvious I don't really want to song.
  4. Caroline
    Very sweet.
  5. Honorable mentions: Snowman, Mercury, On Saturday, Born Too Late.
    I'm excited when these come on the radio or when they play these live but tbh they are probably all just "regional hit" good.