1. Kevin Drum has written the most comprehensive article outlining the case in support of this theory. http://bit.ly/1Le2ZNg
  2. There are a bunch of scientists who think that the crime rate in the United States rising and then falling is attributable mostly to lead poisoning in children rather than to societal, social, and economic factors.
  3. Lead messes w kids' brains and makes them dumber and more impulsive (and more likely to commit crimes as young adults)
    But they only tested on adults before adding lead to gasoline and paint
  4. If you graph crime rates in the U.S. Vs. the amount of lead added to gasoline *20 years earlier* there is a striking correlation.
    If you slice the data to control for different things the case for it being causal gets even stronger.
  5. In contrast, programs like 3 strikes your out, the drug war, and cultural phenomena seemed to have little to no impact on crime rates when analyzed critically.
    It's odd to think about how little ability our elected officials have to solve the world's biggest problems in the timelines we give them.
  6. In his article, Drum argues we should undertake massive investment in removing lead from all over the country where kids could be exposed to it.
    The idea being that it will more than pay for itself quickly. If the theory he is right then he is right.
  7. Some scientists like Steven Pinker are skeptical and think more analysis needs to be done to establish a link but very few serious scientists dismiss the theory outright and many believe it.
  8. I wonder what crazy things are screwing up the world and the babies of the next generation.
    Cell phones. Sugar. What else? Scary as sh*t